AfterGlow 1.5.9 Released

AfterGlow 1.5.9 is out. It's not a huge release, but it allows for some new things that, for example, Tenshi needed to make it more useful. The feature that helps there is that you can now dynamically change node labels.
Another new feature is the addition of URLs to nodes. This is needed to support image maps. If you generate an image map through GraphViz (-Tcmapx), you can provide URLs that go along with the nodes. If you then use that image map in an HTML file along with the graph, you have an interactive graph. If you are interested in how this looks, I blogged about a Splunk - AfterGlow integration on my Splunk blog. The new search command I built, is using image maps to build an HTML file, which is then linked back to Splunk. Check it out.