Applied Security Visualization - Book

Title: Applied Security Visualization
Author: Raffael Marty
Source: Addison Wesley Professional
Publication Date: July 2008 (estimated)


'....As networks become ever more complex, securing them becomes more and more difficult. The solution is visualization. Using today's state-of-the-art data visualization techniques, you can gain a far deeper understanding of what's happening on your network right now. You can uncover hidden patterns of data, identify emerging vulnerabilities and attacks, and respond decisively with countermeasures that are far more likely to succeed.

In Applied Security Visualization, leading network security visualization expert Raffael Marty introduces all the concepts, techniques, and tools you need to use visualization on your network. You'll learn how to identify and utilize the right data sources, then transform your data into visuals that reveal what you really need to know. Next, Marty shows how to use visualization to perform broad network security analyses, assess specific threats, and even improve business compliance. He concludes with a thorough introduction to DAVIX, today's leading toolset for security visualization.

  • Intimately understand the data sources that are essential for effective visualization
  • Choose the most appropriate visualization graphs and techniques for your network data
  • Walk step-by-step through transforming complex data into crystal-clear visual representations
  • Iterate your graphs to deliver even better insight for action
  • Assess threats to your network perimeter, as well as threats generated by insiders
  • Use visualization to manage risks more successfully
  • Visually audit both the technical and organizational aspects of network security
  • Compare and master today's most useful tools for network security visualization

Contains the powerful Data Analysis and Visualization UNIX (DAVIX) toolset for visualizing networks and assessing their security. DAVIX runs directly from the CD-ROM, without installation......'

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