Sphere Of Influence

Take a look at my site www.manntechcomputersinc.com We have developed a visualization tool for pix/asa and snort. It maps ip to geographical locations countries (source or destination), anonymous proxies , sat providers, regions etc. We repsent countries by flags and provide users to add their own icons. I'd be interested to hear what people think....

Screen Shot Sphere of Influence


I have added a 2.0 version. We now incorporate the organizational and lat/long data. We've added a world map and a timeline feature. The timeline allows searches for the last hour. I thinks its pretty good for traffic analysis as the filters are pretty powerful.

True to my word, we've made 1.0 a free download now that we have 2.0 up and running.

you can download this "lite" version (has no worldmap, timeline, Microsoft windows or organizational data) here


Click on the free download link.....


I've now updated SOI to do Microsoft windows syslog (event Viewer) as well. I use Snare open source event viewer to syslog from intersect Alliance. I have also update my subscription for the geographical data...we will now be able to map ip to ISP/City/LAT/LONG/Organization (i like that one in particular)...We have a time line and a global map in the pipeline...Oh and we also added video and audio alerts...could be useful for creating a training aid...I hope to create a "cut down" version that will be open source ...