Radial Firewall Log (DIP -> Dest Port)

Radial Firewall Log (DIP -> Dest Port)

This image shows data from a firewall log. It shows the connections between destination addresses and destination ports.

The script to generate the graph is written in Action Script (Flare). I hacked the sample Flare file: DependencyGraph.as to have it read CSV data, instead of some JSON formatted input. The script is a real hack at this point. If you want a copy, drop me a note. I will gladly share it. Here is the live graph.

Jason, thanks for all your help with the ActionScript stuff!

Great Work


it would be very nice, if you can send me a copy of this source :)
I'm am an information security student and would like to do some security vis'z

Thanks in advance!
mail at mfs-enterprise dot com

great analysis graph

Hiya Raffy.. love your work.. can you also email me the hacked .as file?
I would like to use it to help with quick analysis log data and effective communication of traffic/sec issue flows.
Thanks in advance.

---ackh4x at yahoo.com.au---

Great Idea

very nice job. I would be very happy to receive your source-code.

Thank you!

dwill (at) hr-online (dot) de

nice Job

Great Job and so nice,

I tired to do it myself with the SDK without succes, so in order to test and use it, is it possible for you to send me the source code too.

For this time I will be be a lamerz

Many thank's in advance

david.pierrot at free dot fr


Could you send this modified DependecyGraph.as to me too? My email: ivchenko.sergey at googlemail dot com or robinhood777 at mail dot ru
And, if it doesn't burden you, could you write few words about how did you compile this? Cause I have some problems with compiling original source...

SecViz Bah!

I can't seem to find a method for PM'ing or finding peoples e-mails in Secviz.org. Can you send it plz to
digitald at watertaxi dot net ?

Many Thanks!

Wicked cool!

This is a great visualization. Would you mind sharing your modified .as file with me? I have a Flare environment set up and am brute-force learning ActionScript through hacking through the demo DependencyGraph.as source, but would like a point of reference through your script to assist. Thanks!

Sourcecode for Flare

If you send me an email, I am happy to give you the code. I don't want to post it publicly. It's really a total hack and not that easy to get working.


Hi There!

This is excellent and just what I'm looking for. Will you release the sourcecode for your CSV parsing version? Many Thanks.


Nice output! Will you make the script available? I've never even touched flare but I'd like to see it if you don't mind.