Picviz: Let's see uncommon URL (part 2/?)

Picviz: Let's see uncommon URL (part 2/?)

Today, I would like to see if the urls that are not common in the previous graph, In this graph, heatline rendering plugin is used to check with line coloration if an event is regular. In the fourth axis, you can see lines going at the bottom and red lines go there. So let's forget about this and filter to only display lines that appear above 50% of this axis.

The filter is between single quotes, just like what you'd do with tcpdump ( I actually took their code to handle this ;-) ).

This line was typed to get the graph you can see here:
pcv -Tpngcairo -Rheatline -Avirus access-wallinfire.net.pcv 'show plot > 50% on axis 4' -ra > picviz-uncommonurls.png

If we take a random IP, such as the one we clearly see on the second axis,, and googling about it, we find that this was an infected machine. The url here tells more about it.

As a conclusion for this graph, you can see that among all those lines of log, with a very empiric approach, we really discovered something. Not a very innovative attack I admit, but enough to keep searching (I will post ongoing researches here, keep following!).

Ah, and by the way Raffy, since you asked to only display lines every few times, I added the -L option, taking a number (N) as argument meaning every N lines you display the text.