Nessus vulnerability scanner pigized

Nessus vulnerability scanner pigized

Graph of a Nessus scan as seen by Snort and Prelude LML using pig

Parallel Coordinates with PIG

Thanks for posting!

Can I pipe CSV data into PIG, the parallel coordinate viewer? That would be interesting to have some generic parallel coordinate tool. I couldn't find anything in the open source space that's actually usable.

What about labels on your axes? And how do you scale them? Do you fix the axes to their data types up front so you know what the min and max values are? It would be cool if the tool would scale automatically or let you do that.


Thanks for your comment,

you cannot actually pipe CSV into PIG, we currently only deal with IDMEF objects in live or post-mortem. But I really like the idea.

As for putting labels on axes, I simply do:

for c in ClassificationText:
number += ord(c)

And I scaly everything on a factor of 500 (0 being the value at the top of the line). I agree the tool should scale automatically or must ask for user input, I just wrote that in 1 hour (thanks QT+Python) without really knowing QT and python ;-) for my IDMEF purpose.