Jamming Security Visualization Tools...

Jamming Security Visualization Tools...

This is an image of a parallel coordinate plot (source IP, source TCP port, destination TCP port, source UDP port, destination UDP port, destination IP) that I created using the rumint visualization tool. TCP is in green and UDP is in orange. I deliberately jammed the visualization display by creating packets with random source IP addresses and sequential source and destination ports. If you are interested in more details they are available in this paper [PDF].

Who knew that informatics

Who knew that informatics could generate a graph that looks like modern art? Just kidding but for me that's how it looks. I don't really get it how you got to this but I think I should try out the same application you used if I want to understand it. Thanks for taking the time to give us the PDF with all the data we need.
Mary-Anne Davis, CEO of Texas home security systems.

Dealing with jamming in parallel-coordinates

As you explained in your paper and showed here in the screenshot, the possibility to "easily" jam parallel-coordinates visualizations is clearly one of their drawbacks. However, it is possible to address (at least partially) that issue by grouping values on the axes. That way one is able to reduce drastically the number of lines to be drawn and thus to improve the readability of the plot. Another trick is to draw semi-transparent lines instead of solid ones; this allows to see other lines that may be hidden. If you are interested in those solutions or if you want to see exemples, check out this paper [PDF]

Coordinate Graph

Thanks for uploading the graph you generated with rumint. I am wondering, what are those gray things along the axes? Are those labels?