The application is called "sphere of Influence". If your an educational, state or federal agency (worldwide equivilent) I will provide it for free. Other wise I have to charge $89 (as you can tell im not in it for the millions - just need to cover costs and im happy). We just release 3.0 ( i know ive been calling it 2.1 but it adds a load of new visuals and a cisco IPS version so really its a whole new version). Each month we provide updated data files so its accuracy is 99.3% (according to our database provider Maxmind). Although its 3.0 and sounds like its been around a long time, its really very new. I went through some early development pains and learned a great deal about selling/distributing etc...steep learning curve - Im a network security engineer, ex naval intel kinda guy, so the whole development process was a learning curve...Its been real fun though, ...we have some "intersting" clients right now.
As a p.s. if you know of any edu's, colleges agencies etc that can use a product that visualizes geoip/organization data in a way as to attempt to eliminate false positives or show interesting traffice patterns, then tell them to contact www.manntechcomputersinc.com.
Thanks for taking the time to comment, I live for feedback!!!

Talking of feedback....Since we just launched ( I use the royal "we") 3.0 I'll give 50 free copies on a first come first serve basis....please provide feedback either via our website or email me directly at darrenmanners@manntechcomputersinc.com


This looks great. What application are you using?