Applied Security Visualization Book is Available!

The Applied Security Visualization book is DONE and available in your favorite store!

You can download an electronic version of Chapter 5 for free! The book also ships with a version of DAVIX, the Data Analysis and Visualization Linux!

Martin McKeay recorded a podcast with me where I talk a little bit about the book.

Data for sparklines

Hey raffy! I just got your book, which I must say I like a lot better than Security Data Visualization. I do have one question though...

You said you used Excel, and an open source plugin to create the sparklines in chapter 6, but how did you get the data you used to create them? I had never heard of sparklines before, and would like to create some that are similar to the ones in your book.

You can take anything,

You can take anything, really. Any time-series data. I just did a presentation at BACon where I used netstat information that I collected with Splunk. In the simplest case you can parse out the timestamp and any other field from a data set (e.g., firewall log) and pipe that into a sparkline implementation.