What is DAVIX?

DAVIX, a live CD for data analysis and visualization, brings the most important free tools for data processing and visualization to your desk. There is no hassle with installing an operating system or struggle to build the necessary tools to get started with visualization. You can completely dedicate your time to data analysis.

The DAVIX CD is based on SLAX and features broad out-of-the-box hardware support for graphic cards and network adapters. SLAX is based on Slackware and follows a modularized approach. Thus, the SLAX ISO image can easily be customized for various purposes. It can even be installed on USB sticks and provide you with mobile analysis capabilities.

The product is shipped with a comprehensive manual that gives you a quick start for all tools and provides information on how-to tailor DAVIX to your needs. All tools are accessible through the KDE start menu and accompanied with links to external manuals and tutorials. Therefore, all information to get you started with the tools is available at a click of a button.

DAVIX is also part of Raffael's book Applied Security Visualization which is published by Addison Wesley.


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Currently, the latest version is: 1.0.1, published in September 2008.

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Visualization Tools

The following is a list of all the visualization tools installed on DAVIX distribution:

  • AfterGlow
  • TreeMap
  • Mondrian
  • Parvis
  • LGL
  • R Project
  • InteVis
  • EtherApe
  • GGobi
  • Tulip
  • Cytoscape
  • RT3DG
  • Walrus
  • Dottty and lneato
  • GraphViz
  • glTail
  • Shoki
  • TimeSearcher
  • TNV
  • NVisionIP
  • Rumint
  • GnuPlot
  • Ploticus


The following screen shows DAVIX in action with the four analysis tools Wireshark, RT Graph 3D, EtherApe and InetVis:

Each tool and its accompanying material can be launched from the KDE start menu:

The comprehensive manual can be viewed in its entirety or individually by chapter:

Firefox features an extensive bookmark collection for online resources on visualization tools, libraries and applications.

Upcoming Events

The following upcoming events will show DAVIX in action:
  • 28 October 2009: DAVIX Visualization Workshop, Dommeldange, Luxembourg

Past Events

The following are events where DAVIX was being talked about:

External Publications / Press

DAVIX is part or is mentioned in following publications:

Documentation / Mailing lists

  • DAVIX Manual: Comprehensive manual about DAVIX, tool usage samples, live CD customizations and deployment options.
  • DAVIX Google Code Project: Bug tracking and project management.
  • davix-announce: Public announcements regarding DAVIX: new releases, call for participation, security announcements, links to 3rd party articles about DAVIX, etc.
  • davix-support: Forum where users can discuss issues regarding DAVIX and get support from other users. This list is moderated to avoid spam messages.
  • DAVIX Wikipedia page.